How To Stay Close To Your Children Without Crowding Them

Parenting is a great and fulfilling task that each parent enjoys doing. Seeing your children grow up is always a happy moment for each parent. As children transition, every parent likes to see them go through milestones be it the first step a toddler makes, first birthday, first day at school, learning to speak, and many other milestones that children achieve over the course of their lives.

While, parenting is fulfilling and a great journey, each parent needs parenting tips that they can refer to in order for them to succeed in their parenting journey. There are many cases where parents have failed miserably in the course of their duties and children have grown up to resent their experiences while growing up. Children need love, care, and guidance in their formative stages but it is also important to recognize that they are growing and therefore a need to let them go out on their own to experience life on their own.

In this article, we shall discuss parenting tips on how to stay close to your children without crowding them.


When children are growing up, it is important for a parent to create good communication channels through which they can share information on certain issues in their lives. It is important for a parent to properly communicate with children about occurrences in their lives and why things need to be done in a certain way. This ensures that children understand clearly why parents have certain expectations upon them and they are likely to follow through instructions if they have been clearly communicated to them.

Good communication methods also ensure that children are able to let their parents know about what they are going through in their lives by sharing their challenges, expectations, and expectations with their parents. It is therefore important that parents ensure that they have created good communication channels in the family to enhance a great environment.


As children grow, they become independent. Independence comes with the need for more freedom. Parents ought to keep this fact in mind and allow their children to think and act independently as they grow older. The best way to enhance freedom for children is to ensure that they have more responsibilities on their shoulders that they have to achieve in order for them to expect freedom from parents.


Giving words of praise and affirmation to children is a great way to enhance the bond between a parent and a child. Whenever they meet certain milestones or achievements, a parent should mention words of affirmation to boost their confidence and also show that the parent is proud of the child and their actions. These words should be the norm in your child’s life and upbringing. They should be stated even when seemingly little tasks are achieved.


As a parent, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you are likely to have a great relationship with your children by being close to them without crowding their space. Children will learn to be responsible and you will be comfortable with their abilities even when the time comes for them to move away from home.