Meet the Team

It is never said that being a mother is going to be easy, but everyone will agree that it is the most fulfilling one. Whether it is the first time or not, one will still need advice from time to time. With that matter in mind, this blog is made. This will be the place where one can learn tips that came from both knowledge and experience.

Here are the people who made this possible:


Being the eldest of seven, she is already experienced taking care of kids since she was young by helping her mother taking care of her younger siblings. Now that she have her own, she will never forget her experiences and advices from her mother, but having them their own just boosts it.


Not only she is a mother, but she is also a teacher. For her, it is very important to teach children at a young age values but at the same time learning to find and develop themselves with the right guidance.


She wouldn’t call herself an expert, but she definitely knows a lot. As a counselor, she knows their needs and how it will aid not only the child but also the parent.