5 Things All New Parents Need to Have on Hand

When your baby comes out, you know you are entering a new stage in your life. When you finally become a mother, there are a few things you should buy in order to take good care of your baby. While it is true that this is a crucial stage, your baby won’t exactly know about it when he or she is all grown up. Hence, you better cherish this stage of taking care of your baby as it won’t last forever. I got these tips from my classmates when I took Nested’s birthing classes in Washington DC, and they were truly lifesavers. Hopefully, they’ll help someone else out there too! Without further adieu, here are 5 things all new parents will be thankful that they have on hand:

Baby Carrier

Your baby is right in front of you so there is no need to be worried. At the same time, you will still be able to accomplish household chores that you have been meaning to do like washing the dishes and doing the laundry. It would definitely feel great to be doing two things at the same time.

Portable Playard

The baby would always be in a joyous mood if you have a portable Playard. This would be perfect for families who are always on the go. While your kid is young, you would want it to have a ton of adventures.


You never know when the baby would poo so you must always have a diaper on hand. The longer you are expected to be out, the more diapers you must bring especially if the baby has yet to take a poo. The baby may also pee if it had too much milk. You know your newborn would want to always be full.


When you change the baby’s diaper, you must clean its butt too using wet wipes. Don’t forget that you will also need the wet wipes to wash your hands. After that, you must also go to the toilet to wash your hands again. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can’t blame yourself if you use a lot of wet wipes to wipe the dirt off of your baby. After all, you would want your kid to be as clean as possible.

Baby Cereal

It would be hard to predict when the baby would get hungry. You would always want it to smile so that your stress would be relieved. Hence, better pack more than what you were expecting so your baby would be pretty full. After that, give the kid some breast milk.

All the above items would all be useful when the time is right. Hence, better take your pick regarding which one you would want. You know you would want to make your baby happy as much as possible. Better set a budget for each item and make sure you buy high-quality items. You never know how long you and your baby may be out especially when the weather gets bad and it suddenly becomes traffic. Those are the times when you wished you would have brought more items. If you did, it means you cared so much about the future of your baby.