I have been thinking a lot about time. Not having enough. And being so tired during the time that I have that I sit and look at the wall instead of working.

In 2009, when I had no child and little other work, I had the idea of writing, or seeing written, the name of every single person in my city at that moment in a single document. I went to my studio every day and wrote numbers in a list. One for each of the 307,484 residents. I imagined that once finished I’d hand round the list and people would write their own names in. I stopped at number 83,330.

The question of how to harness lack of time as a creative obstruction is on my mind. Perhaps it could be a filter that decides what I work on and how. I like the idea that the arbitrary length of Otto’s naps acts as a parameter of the work. Once he’s awake, the work is finished. As I write this he is crossly handing me books.

The End.


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