References made to shirts in Andy Warhol’s Diary

Page 56 “Ran into Jean Kennedy Smith in Bloomingdale’s in the men’s shirt department. We had the same salesgirl.”

Page 72 “I reminded her that I saw her in Bloomingdale’s the other week when we both were in the shirt department, and she said, “Oh yes, those shirts were Christmas presents for my family.” 

Page 87 “Victor was there, performing, cutting up a shirt.”

Page 89 “Victor had glued parts of his shirt together.”

Page 165 “She had as a present for Victor a bag of Hawaiian marijuana that a couple of fag friends who have a ranch there mailed to her in a box of perfumed shirts so you wouldn’t smell the marijuana.”

Page 218 “Bought a “fairy shirt” that has my name on it.”

Page 377 “But I would try to make every box a little interesting. I’d throw in one of my dresses, or an old shirt, a pair of underwear – something great in each one.”

Page 446 “Brigid says she watches him when he’s at the office, spraying chloro-something on his shirt and then sucking on it.”

Page 724 “Went to a couple of shirt stores with him.”

Page 823 “As soon as we came in they told us it was this crazy day where all the women chase the men. They cut off your ties. But since we knew it was happening – we saw these drunken ladies running around -we took our ties off and hid them in our pockets. But then they got my shirt tail and they cut it off and it was my good shirt and I was so mad. These women were really bullies. We got back in the car and drove back to Han’s gallery. I was so tired, and I was really upset about my shirt.”  

Page 1237 “I got my B-12 shot at Doc Cox’s, only Rosemary missed and I got black and blue and a bloody shirt. On my way out a guy tried to pick me up.”

Page 1325 “Jon called from Massachusetts and wanted to know what shirt size I wore. I was the only one home, so he had to ask me.”

Page 1390 “I’ve gained weight. I don’t know what to do, my shirts are getting too tight for me.”

Page 1913 “I remember when I was with John Lennon and he was buying thousands of dollars worth of clothes and didn’t say, “Do you want a shirt?”

Page 2357 “And Dick Cavett got Bianca to talk on mike and she took a look at me and said, “What are you wearing?” I’m telling you, I was really a mess. My buttons didn’t button, my tie wasn’t straight, the turtleneck was showing through the white shirt.”

Idea & quote collecting by the wonderful Michael Crowe in response to 1/57th of Andy Warhol.


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