Typewriter Drawings 2013

8.5″ x 11″ / series of 30 drawings (each) / typewriter paper This project is a collaboration with Michael Crowe. We make concurrent typewriter drawings (he in London, I in Pittsburgh), one for every day of November each year of something seen that day. We will do this project for the rest of our lives,…

Mother’s Days

CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGES Mother’s Days is a collection of one hundred written accounts of a day in the life of one hundred mothers around the world. Each mother describes a single day from midnight to midnight. The chosen days are not necessarily special or normal, they are just one day in a life…

Moons From Next Door

A collection of found, chewed balls (once belonging to dogs) re-imagined and photographed as exquisite planets. Presented in a Viewmaster viewer with custom slide displaying seven images. Limited edition artist’s multiple. Available here. Found dog balls, custom Viewmaster slide, Viewmaster viewer. Exhibited at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 2013.

Objects Taken Out of My Son’s Mouth, 2011–2012

Acorn, bolt, bubblegum, buttons, carbon paper, chalk, Christmas decoration, cigarette butt, coins (GBP, USD, EURO), cotton reel, holly leaf, little wooden man, sharp metal pieces, metro ticket, nuts, plastic “O”, polystyrene, rat poison (missing), seeds, slide, small rocks, specimen vial, sponge animal, sticks, teabag, wire caps, wooden block. Exhibited at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts,…

Artist Residency in Motherhood Exhibition

I was named Emerging Artist of the Year by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Part of the award was a solo exhibition. I presented a selection of works made during the Artist Residency in Motherhood including One Brown Shoe, The Distance I Can be From My Son, Moons From Next Door, Dangerous Objects Made Safer,…

One Brown Shoe Publication

The complete archive of the artwork One Brown Shoe, available here. One hundred married couples in twelve countries responded to an instruction to each make a single brown shoe using materials found around their homes. They were asked not to discuss the project with their partners and to make their shoe in secret. The shoes…

One Brown Shoe

In 2013, one hundred married couples in twelve countries responded to an instruction to each make a single brown shoe using materials found around their homes. They were asked not to discuss the project with their partners and to make their shoe in secret. The shoes were revealed only once both were completed. Made from…


A found child-magician’s notebook is magically animated to tentatively open, pause, then slam shut, allowing the viewer just enough time to read the single entry on a list of potential tricks for a planned magic show. Watch here… Ta Da! is one of four pieces I have in the exhibition Realization is Better than Anticipation at…

whittled pairs

A collection of matching pairs of hand-whittled forms. Objects are all found individually in estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets then categorised and stored. When another matching whittled form turns up (two dogs, two standing men, two chains…) the couple become part of this piece. The two items must not be made by the…

100 Returned Postcards

100 previously written and posted postcards, sent back to their original recipients. Each found postcard was addressed to a different home in Cleveland, Ohio and originally sent between 1906 and 1998. I added a return address and valid stamp and put them back in the mail. 74 postcards found their destination, 26 were returned. The…

Accidental Haiku

An anonymous, half-completed diary from 1975. The entries that accidentally adhere to the rules of the Japanese poetic form Haiku flagged. Version of haiku rules used: 1. Use of three (or fewer) lines of 17 or fewer syllables 2. Use of a season word (kigo) 3. Use of a cut (sometimes indicated by a punctuation…

1/57 th of Andy Warhol

A red cotton shirt once belonging to Andy Warhol was cut into 57 pieces. Each piece was hand-numbered and archived on turquoise satin in a glass fronted box. The boxed shirt fragments were distributed amongst 57 people, along with a certificate of authenticity signed by Andy Warhol’s nephew (who the shirt had previously belonged to)…

Women’s Intuition

Using women’s intuition alone, I guessed the names of all but one of the anonymous men depicted in a group photograph taken in 1952.   From L to R (back row): Gulliver, Francis, Bill, Rudi, Jacob, Pinney, Neil, Ed, Len, Reg (second row down): Don, Erwin, Rex, Frank, Eli, Ponk, Grit, David, Mike, Nigel (third…

Two Collections

A collection of yellowed newspaper snippets found in a small plastic box in a thrift store in Pittsburgh. The collection is presented with its reverse side uppermost displaying the second, accidental collection. The intended collection is revealed in the reflection. Two Collections is one of four pieces I have in the exhibition Realization is Better than…

Man, baby, boy, man, and so on.

New trousers for Otto, made from a pair of his Great-Grandfathers pyjamas. As he grows I will extend and mend these trousers using the larger pair until the original pair are used up and Otto’s pair again reach man’s size. Or until he refuses to wear them.

Coat Check Exchange (proposal)

Proposal for an intervention/performance at art museums around the world. Visitors to the museum who check in their belongings at the coat-check will be offered a special object in return in place of the usual numbered tag. This object must be carried around the museum while the visitor views the exhibition. When the object is…

Smaller & smaller

One ball of playdough is formed each day, then hidden. The following day’s ball must be made smaller, judged only by the memory of the size of the ball the previous day. The success of the work is determined by its duration. The image shows the ball on day one. The project is ongoing.

The distance I can be from my son

An episodic series of videos that attempt to objectively measure the furthest distance I am able to be from my son in a variety of environments. Please click image for stills or visit the following links to view full video episodes; Park Back Alley Supermarket Fog

Dangerous Objects Made Safer

Collection of dangerous objects covered in felt. Series includes so far; axe, bow-back hand saw, butcher’s knife, chopping knife, hammer, letter-opener, screwdriver, sickle, matchbox, match, nail, tailors scissors and tin snips.    

Idea Archive

Regularly updated Twitter feed of new project ideas. Any instances of people realising the ideas are part of the work. Follow @lenkaclayton to read all ideas.

Things Found in the Mouths of Babies

A contributory online and physical archive of objects removed from the mouths of babies. Archive includes; sticks, stones, metal bearings, two cigarette butts, rat poison, and other items. Ongoing. Visit online archive.

Typewriter Drawings

Every day in November Michael Crowe and I each made a drawing on a typewriter of something we had seen with our own eyes that day. Please click on the image to see all 60 drawings.


Proposal for a sculpture. Found unaltered book with animated cover that opens and closes once every three seconds, revealing and hiding a magicians to do list.

Baby & Magician’s Suitcase (sketch)

Please click to watch video. 1. One year ago I purchased a magician’s suitcase. It held twenty-one magic props. Every object once had a very specific application that caused magic to occur. I don’t know what any of these specific applications are. 2. I recently took my 18 month old son to an Infant Cognition…

Weaving on the Typewriter

Drawings made by pressing each of the key combinations on an Underwood No. 5 typewriter enough times to fill a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ typewriter paper. Series of ninety-six drawings.

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave was the first in the series of durational pieces that explore motherhood and its intersection with the art world.