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Women’s Intuition

Using women’s intuition alone, I guessed the names of all but one of the anonymous men depicted in a group photograph taken in 1952.


From L to R (back row): Gulliver, Francis, Bill, Rudi, Jacob, Pinney, Neil, Ed, Len, Reg

(second row down): Don, Erwin, Rex, Frank, Eli, Ponk, Grit, David, Mike, Nigel

(third row down): Harold, Lewis, Don, Min, (not able to name), Ray, Clarke, Charlie, Non, Foster, Laurie

(forth row down): Harvey, Ron, James, Frank, Dirk, Don, Harry, Scotty, Roland (aka Rolly), David, Chris

(front row): Neil, Stan, Merc, Milton, Boo, Joe, John, Gav, Lacey.