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One Brown Shoe

In 2013, one hundred married couples in twelve countries responded to an instruction to each make a single brown shoe using materials found around their homes. They were asked not to discuss the project with their partners and to make their shoe in secret. The shoes were revealed only once both were completed.

Made from cat food boxes, packing tape, knitting, childhood sneakers, stolen office supplies, plate steel, Cuban cigars, animal crackers, nut shells, and a thousand other odds and ends found in the house, each pair of shoes might be seen as a portrait – of two individuals, of one couple, and of the difference between the two.

Please visit a gallery of all 100 pairs of shoes, here. Click on images for makers names and details of each pair.

This artwork is published as a special exhibition-in-a-box limited edition artists book, available here. The whole collection of one hundred pairs of shoes will be exhibited at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts until November 3rd 2013.