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Accidental Haiku

An anonymous, half-completed diary from 1975. The entries that accidentally adhere to the rules of the Japanese poetic form Haiku flagged.

Version of haiku rules used:

1. Use of three (or fewer) lines of 17 or fewer syllables

2. Use of a season word (kigo)

3. Use of a cut (sometimes indicated by a punctuation mark) paralleling the Japanese use of kireji, to contrast and compare, implicitly, two events, images, or situations

Accidental Haiku was originally made in 2008. This version has the addition of a male voice reading the Haiku poems and is one of four pieces I have in the exhibition Realization is Better than Anticipation at MOCA Cleveland, curated by Megan Lykins Reich and Rose Bouthillier and open until October 13th, 2013. Reading by Martin Prekop.

Download mp3 of Accidental Haikus read aloud