Typewriter Drawings 2013

8.5″ x 11″ / series of 30 drawings (each) / typewriter paper This project is a collaboration with Michael Crowe. We make concurrent typewriter drawings (he in London, I in Pittsburgh), one for every day of November each year of something seen that day. We will do this project for the rest of our lives,…

One Brown Shoe

In 2013, one hundred married couples in twelve countries responded to an instruction to each make a single brown shoe using materials found around their homes. They were asked not to discuss the project with their partners and to make their shoe in secret. The shoes were revealed only once both were completed. Made from…

Mother’s Days

CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGES Mother’s Days is a collection of one hundred written accounts of a day in the life of one hundred mothers around the world. Each mother describes a single day from midnight to midnight. The chosen days are not necessarily special or normal, they are just one day in a life…

Idea Archive

Regularly updated Twitter feed of new project ideas. Any instances of people realising the ideas are part of the work. Follow @lenkaclayton to read all ideas.

Typewriter Drawings

Every day in November Michael Crowe and I each made a drawing on a typewriter of something we had seen with our own eyes that day. Please click on the image to see all 60 drawings.

Things Found in the Mouths of Babies

A contributory online and physical archive of objects removed from the mouths of babies. Archive includes; sticks, stones, metal bearings, two cigarette butts, rat poison, and other items. Ongoing. Visit online archive.