early Early days

During these early days of near continuous breastfeeding and not sleeping and tiny constant changes I find myself thinking very often of Mother’s Days. In that community of forty-four mostly strangers’ daily records I am finding solace and sistership, humour and comfort. When I am wrestling with a gassy baby for hours at night I remember everyone else who did too. When I feel isolated and alone the memories of typing up those days reminds me that I am not.

When I have collected one hundred days I would like to publish them as a paperback novel and give it as a gift to women who have just had their babies. Part of the leaving the hospital package. I think it would help. Thank-you so much to everyone who has taken part so far. It really is becoming a very special collection.

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2 comments on “early Early days
  1. Up at 4:00 am with my 10-month old this morning (yawn!), the memories of those early days were very present. I’m so ready to go through it all again, too. Happy, relaxing thoughts for you, Lenka. = )

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