Closing event

To celebrate the last day of the exhibition ”An Artist Residency in Motherhood” at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, three people/groups were invited to respond to works in the exhibition, to give voice to the silent pieces.

The poet Joy Katz read from her collection “All You Do Is Perceive” in which she records the mix of peril and ecstasy she experienced in the fever-pitch of early parenthood. The reading took place against the backdrop of “Dangerous Objects Made Safer”, a collection of household tools encased in grey, felted wool.

Three Mothers (Kate Joranson, Kari Morehouse, and me) concurrently read entries from Mother’s Days; a typed archive of one hundred written reports of activities undertaken over the course of an ordinary day in the lives of one hundred mothers. Where things happened at the same time in the lives of the three women (in Israel, Texas and New York), the three voices read together and over the top of one another.

Finally, Susan Spangler, Marriage and Family Therapist, guided exhibition visitors to embody one of the two hundred brown shoes in the work One Brown Shoe, and to write a letter to their partner.

(photos; Jenn Myers)

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