childhood shoe saved by mother

I have been working on the complicated database for One Brown Shoe. It lists amongst other things the shoemakers names, shoes sizes in inches (l x w x h), and their provenance. The materials lists of bits and bobs found lying around one hundred houses read like poetry. My favourite:

Childhood shoe saved by mother, fake fur, hot glue.”

How to decide what to keep from these days? I am experiencing almost constant nostalgia. As the baby grows out of things I’m torn between getting rid of them immediately (the space!) or saving them forever to remember her smallness by. But how many to save? And why this and not that? Part of her umbilical cord is coming off and I am literally waiting to put it in a little plastic box. Two years on Otto’s placenta is still in the freezer in the red plastic bag from the hospital. I wonder what the imaginary day in the future where I get out and look at all these objects will be like? What will the weather be? What will I be wearing? Where will the kids be? I wonder too how to collect the ephemeral artefacts, for example the words that Otto taught us but has now abandoned. Doo-doo (car), Dee-dee (cheese) Da-doo (diaper). We still use them accidentally sometimes and he corrects us. We’ve already been left behind his rapid cognitive growth, two nostalgic illiterates.



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