Closing event

To celebrate the last day of the exhibition ”An Artist Residency in Motherhood” at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, three people/groups were invited to respond to works in the exhibition, to give voice to the silent pieces. The poet Joy Katz read from her collection “All You Do Is Perceive” in which she records the mix of…

One Brown Shoe news

All one brown shoes are finally here in my studio, photographed, the photos printed and corners clipped and addressed and enveloped and ready to be sent to the shoe-makers! Thank-you for your patience. Look out for the photos this week. Exhibition of all two hundred shoes is very soon, at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

New funding!

I am delighted to announce that I am a recipient of a Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant that will fund the extension of the Artist Residency in Motherhood until Early’s first birthday on the 20th May 2014. The grant will buy me two mornings a week of studio time, and some other costs. It is a…

Artist Residency in Motherhood at the Frost Art Museum.

My video series “The Distance I can be from my Son” is included in the Frost Art Museum’s online exhibition; “The Drawing Project; What is Line and How Does it Travel Through Space”, curated by Emmy Mathis. The press release is available here.   The Distance I Can Be From My Son (Back Alley), 2012….