early Early days

During these early days of near continuous breastfeeding and not sleeping and tiny constant changes I find myself thinking very often of Mother’s Days. In that community of forty-four mostly strangers’ daily records I am finding solace and sistership, humour and comfort. When I am wrestling with a gassy baby for hours at night I…

Artist Residency in Motherhood at the Frost Art Museum.

My video series “The Distance I can be from my Son” is included in the Frost Art Museum’s online exhibition; “The Drawing Project; What is Line and How Does it Travel Through Space”, curated by Emmy Mathis. The press release is available here.   The Distance I Can Be From My Son (Back Alley), 2012….

Our baby is born!

…she came just a few hours later, at 6.55 in the morning on the 20th of May. Her name is Early B Clayton. She is perfect. Otto calls her “my baby”.  

to do # 155

I have accidentally started to collect hand-whittled things. Whittling is worrying with props. And just worrying about one specific thing; a knife or fork, a feather, a little racing car. This collection in my studio surprised me just now by its existence. I thought I was just buying bits and bobs, but a few weeks…

Otto Clayton / Tom Friedman

At the Dollar General in Alfred, New York I turned around and saw that Otto had made this. Quietly extending the cups from a single package to a perfectly leaning tower by himself while I was looking at stickers. He had stepped back and was considering it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt prouder. I…

to do #154

Found, sealed envelope containing a collection named “Natural Bridge Cards 8 for 10c Natural Bridge of Virginia, INC Natural Bridge, Va. ” 3.75″ x 6.75″, paper envelope, unknown contents. I have never been to Virginia or imagined before a “natural bridge”. There can’t be many things where eight of them can cost ten cents and…

One Brown Shoe

I have been working on a project called One Brown Shoe, in which one hundred married couples from around the world secretly make brown shoes from bits and pieces around the house. I’m looking for ten more couples to take part, please get in touch if you’d like to or know anyone else who might….


My old typewriter is made for accountants who have no need for exclamation marks. I have tried “I” and “.” but it looks wrong. New Mother’s Days from Illinois, Pennsylvania & South Africa are up today. Thank-you Taylor who is busy typing in the background as I write this.


today I brought home:   A metal cup A magazine rack A toy tape measure A small foldy metal shelf A new wallet made of eel skin A small plastic animal like a badger Some discoloured envelopes and notepaper 25 antique wooden children’s blocks with letters on A queen-sized stained and old green/white curtain depicting…

Looking forward to nostalgia

When Otto was six weeks old or so we left our house to go and buy bread when a Google Street View car drove past, close and fast. I pictured the jerky photos it took as it went by. A protective new mother looking startled and cross carrying a tiny baby in a pouch. I…