Lenka Clayton is currently the official Artist in Residence in Motherhood.

Artist Residency in Motherhood is an unusual artist residency that was created by the artist, is funded by the Pittsburgh Foundation and is taking place inside the artist’s own home and life as a mother of a one-year old child.

Lenka Clayton, conceptual artist and full-time mother created Artist Residency in Motherhood as both a personal and political statement. Artist residencies are not usually intended for artists who have families. Mostly, they are designed as a way to let artists escape from the routines and responsibilities of their everyday life. Artist Residency in Motherhood is different. Set firmly inside the traditionally “inhospitable” environment of a family home, it subverts the art-world’s romanticisation of the unattached (often male) artist, and frames motherhood as a valuable site, rather than an invisible labor, for exploration and artistic production.

Artist Residency in Motherhood provides the artist with a studio, materials, a travel allowance, monthly stipend, studio assistance, mentorship and accountability. For the 227 days of the residency the fragmented mental focus, exhaustion, nap-length studio time and countless distractions of parenthood as well as the absurd poetry of time spent with a young child will become the artist’s working materials and situation, rather than obstacles to be escaped from. Stories from the intersection of art and motherhood and reports from Lenka Clayton’s studio will be published to the Studio Diary. Finished work and proposals will be posted to the Portfolio.

At the end of the residency the artist will release a publication that documents and shares the blueprint of the residency to allow other parents to replicate the residency in their own homes. If you are interested in undertaking your own Artist Residency in Motherhood please get in touch.