What do we do all day?

I decided to find out what proportion of the day Otto spent doing things. Playing; with what & how? Tipping, drinking, pointing, jumping and so on. I imagined a complicated pie chart. I ordered a stopwatch and waited for a day my dad visited so one hand would be free to press start and stop and write down numbers. I stared at midnight. Otto started teething that day, four molars. He woke at 4:34am, and then six more times before I took him downstairs at 8:34. I timed everything until 9am and then gave up.

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One comment on “What do we do all day?
  1. I hope that this doesn’t offend you, but I’ve been giggling uncontrollably behind my monitor all morning reading these entries. Please let me know if you make the pie chart. (Or, if you want, send me your raw data and I’ll make it for you!)

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