found, used stickers

These stickers could possibly have been used to write; unstraightforwardness supermarvelously madonnaish morass mm.    (materials: found, used sticker sheet & internet anagram solver)

One Brown Shoe news

All one brown shoes are finally here in my studio, photographed, the photos printed and corners clipped and addressed and enveloped and ready to be sent to the shoe-makers! Thank-you for your patience. Look out for the photos this week. Exhibition of all two hundred shoes is very soon, at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Essay by Dan Byers

Lenka Clayton makes use of people, places, and things. By counting, alphabetizing, employing the possibilities of the post office, local newspaper, and the most common domestic objects – and doing all of these things often almost to their utmost – she transforms both the world around her, and the way we see that world. It’s…

References made to shirts in Andy Warhol’s Diary

Page 56 “Ran into Jean Kennedy Smith in Bloomingdale’s in the men’s shirt department. We had the same salesgirl.” Page 72 “I reminded her that I saw her in Bloomingdale’s the other week when we both were in the shirt department, and she said, “Oh yes, those shirts were Christmas presents for my family.”  Page…

childhood shoe saved by mother

I have been working on the complicated database for One Brown Shoe. It lists amongst other things the shoemakers names, shoes sizes in inches (l x w x h), and their provenance. The materials lists of bits and bobs found lying around one hundred houses read like poetry. My favourite: “Childhood shoe saved by mother,…